Recent News

January 18, 2020
Dear brothers and sisters of St. Christopher’s,

May the peace of Christ be with you! In this heavy snowfall, I pray that we are all resting at home.

Thanks for many of you show your concern and support to the flooding in Richmond Hill Church. We thank all those who came on last Saturday late afternoon to save items from getting wet. We also discovered many important documents that we had lost for many years. Thank God for the flooding!

The clean-up started on Sunday afternoon and the crew continued on Monday. On Tuesday, the crew began to throw away damaged furniture and many accumulated unused items. You will find that our church hall is bigger now. By Thursday afternoon, all corners of the basement is cleansed and the air is disinfected. The church is operating normally now. Thanks to another group of volunteers came last night to put things back.

Tomorrow Sunday worship at RHC and RHE will be as usual at 11 a.m. Rev. Bill Craven will lead us Morning Prayer. We look forward to worship with you and give thanks for God’s blessing!

Yours truly in Christ,
Philip Der+ (The Rev. Canon)