Gospel Months

September and October will be Gospel Months. During this period, we encourage you to bring new friends to join our small groups, bible study and Sunday school.
a)There will be two Evangelism Workshops in Cantonese (Please see below).
b)If you have questions regarding challenges in sharing the gospel with others, please email to Rev. Der or Pastor Gary and they will answer your questions in the bulletin.
c)We will set up a Gospel Resource Centre and please make good use of it.

26th Anniversary

Bishop Peter Fenty will join our 26th Anniversary joint service and celebration on September 3, 11 am at RHC. RHE and NYC services will be cancelled.
We will welcome Bishop Fenty during lunch after service. Adult $12/person; children (age 8-12) $10/person, under 7 free. Tickets are on sale now. All are welcome and please bring your friends to join us!

Sports Night

Starting Jan 13, 2017, every Friday, 8:15 to 10:15 pm we will have Sports Night again at Jean Vanier Catholic School. You are welcome to bring friends for badminton and basketball.


What activities do Christians have during the week? You may consider joining us every Thursday, 9 am to 1 pm, for a new program “YEAH” (Young and Energetic at Heart) Club, and learn craft, origami, ping pong, interest classes. There will be time for fellowship and lunch together. All are welcome!