We Share God’s Good News

The annual theme this year for the parish is “We Share God’s Good News”.  We would like to continue the fine tradition of having parishioners sharing their testimony in our worship once a month.   Particularly, we invite people to share with us 1. Who first brought the Good News to you? 2. What did this person do in sharing the Gospel with you? 3. How long did it take you from the time you first heard about the Gospel to the time you accepted Christ? What was the journey like? 4. Why are you still an active Christian.  Each sharing is about 3-5 minutes.  We invite you to share with us of your faith journey.   If interested, please speak to Fr. Dave.

Our Faith — Our Hope update

We have passed our target of $365,000 for the diocesan campaign,Our Faith, Our Hope, Re-Imagine Church. Praise be to God and we thank all those who participated in this campaign. We encourage those who have yet to return the Letter of Intent to do so soon.

2011 Theme

Theme 2011: In Thanksgiving & Dedication, We Share God’ s Good News

This year while we are celebrating our 20th anniversary, let us thank God for His grace,
with His spirit renew and re-commit ourselves to spread the Good News, leading more people to hear the Gospel

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