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December 05, 2019
Dear brothers and sisters of St. Christopher’s,

May the peace of God be with you at this Advent season! As we enter this season of anticipation, we long for the coming of Christ. St. Christopher’s Christmas Newsletter is published. Attached please find our digital copy. This year in addition to our sharing of our ministry, we are grateful to see many wrote their reflections out of the pilgrimage to the Holy Land. On the last page, you may also find our upcoming Christmas celebration. Come and join one or more of the events!

Here, I would like to thank many of you pray for Canon Edmond Der. He is improving quite well. We thank God for his healing hands. The doctors still cannot find out the reason of his shortness of breath, he no longer needs oxygen since yesterday afternoon. His spirit is also getting better.

Meanwhile, yesterday I also went through stress test for my chest pain. It shows that I do have blockage. This morning, I went back to hospital to do further testing of where the blockage is. The result will be available next week. Thank you for many of your prayers and care! I greatly feel the power of God’s love and grace from you. I apologize that I made you worry. I will be more careful of my working habit and watch for my health.

Lastly, this Sunday, Dec 8 at 7 p.m., we will have our annual Christmas Concert at Tri-Church (Leslie & Finch). Come and sing along with our 4 churches choirs to praise the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Yours truly in Christ,
Philip Der+ (The Rev. Canon)