Welcome to St. Christopher’s! May the peace of God with you!

As we all face this unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19, we pray for God’s mercy and salvation that we may overcome this ordeal soon. Please join me to pray to God:

“Dear God, you govern all things! As the whole world faces the pandemic of COVID-19, we all stop. We stay at home. We ponder. First, we ask for your forgiveness as we sin against you intentionally and unintentionally. We did not take good care of your creation, and we did not treasure people around us. We were so busy that we forgot the blessings you have given us. Lord, forgive us! Teach us to love you and to love our family and neighbours. In our prayer, we remember those who work at hospitals and senior homes. They sacrifice their health and time to save others, we give you thanks. May the Lord send your guarding angels to protect them from all viruses, give them strength and courage to save others. We also pray for all the political leaders and public health officers, bestow them your wisdom how to control the spread of this pandemic, and help all researchers to find a vaccine soon. Lastly, we remember all those who passed away due to the virus, may you comfort the families and friends as they mourn for their losses. We humbly beseech you! We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Sunday worship at 11 am service will be held at Canon Der’s home. You can join the service online www.stchris.ca and also make offerings.

The Rev. Canon Dr. Philip Der
Incumbent of St. Christopher’s Anglican Church