Tri-Church Parish Nurse, Margaret Black, would like to offer some health tips during this pandemic. Wishing you good health!

Health Tip – Wk of Apr. 12
Protect your Physical Health – eat regular, healthy meals; get some exercise; get enough sleep; drink lots of fluids, especially water.,
You’re thinking “Easy to say; not so easy to do”. Let’s see if some suggestions will help.
1. Diet – It’s hard to “eat healthy” when you’re isolated. Some people have no appetite and have to force themselves to eat. Others “binge eat” on high calorie foods. They need to practice social distancing from their refrigerator! Eat a reasonable breakfast (e.g. a bowl of cereal and 1 slice of toast with some orange juice). Coffee or tea if you want. Have 1 main meal a day (lunch or dinner) consisting of protein (meat, beans, etc.) and 3-4 vegetables, raw or cooked. The other meal should be lighter (maybe an egg, bread or toast, salad & fruit). Eat healthy things you enjoy. And give yourself a treat once a day so you don’t feel deprived.
2. Exercise – hard to do alone, especially if you’re in a small place (apartment, condo, etc.) but so important. Exercise not only keeps your body in good shape (joints & muscles, etc. working well). It also will increase your appetite, help you sleep better, and improve your mental health. Get up and walk around your home/apt every 1-2 hrs for 10 min. If you have mobility or balance problems, just lift your feet up and down 15-20 times every couple of hours and remember to stretch your body and move your arms too, Here is a link to a Seniors’ Fitness Class discovered by one of our SWIFT exercise class members. It is quite good and is like being part of a group which really helps with motivation.
3. Sleep – Try to get 7-8 hr restful sleep at night to stay in best health. Establish a routine for your days – get up at the same time, eat at the same times, include exercise, go to bed at the same time. This structure helps your body and mind to prepare itself for sleep when it’s bedtime. Stop watching TV 30 min before bedtime and read a book or something not involving screen time as the light from the TV sometimes interferes with sleep, Think of something peaceful and relax before going to bed so that you don’t try to sleep when worried,
4. Hydration – Drink lots of fluids every day. Your body is 66% water so you need to keep it replenished every day. Drink 6-8 large (8 oz) glasses of fluid, mostly water, Have coffee or tea if you wish but avoid it after noon as it takes 12 hrs to remove caffeine from your system which can interfere with sleep, Juice is also good but in moderate amounts as it contains lots of sugar.

Reach out if you need help:
Toronto Mental Health Support – 211
Seniors Help Line – 416-217-2077
Seniors Safety Line – 416-899-1011
Crisis Help –